Welcome to chemstars

After successful performances at our first Pitch Day at the end of November, the first five teams convinced us and our jury and made it into our new support program.

Team #1 – BioInterio

BioInterio is a biomaterials company that is changing the way things are being made. We are currently targeting Automotive Interiors. We make your cars more sustainable using Banana Fiber as a natural alternative for making interior components.

Team #2 – Circulania

Circulania is building the platform for the industrial Circular Economy to inform about by-products and alternative raw materials, to discuss new ways to process or trade secondary raw materials, to develop new processes, value chains or supply chains for secondary raw materials and to provide a marketplace for sell and procure secondary raw materials.

Team #3 – EEDEN

EEDEN is developing a chemical recycling process to convert cotton-containing textile waste into virgin cellulose fibers.

Team #4 – KD Pumpen

KD Pumpen develops and markets resource-saving pump technology for environmental and waste disposal energy. With patented technology and predictive maintenance, the service life of such pumps can be increased three to six times. Adaptations are very customer-specific possible and can thus be used to increase plant efficiency.

Team #5 – XemX

We are excited to see how the journey of our 5 start-ups will continue in the coming weeks and what progress they will make and challenges they will overcome. Stay tuned!