Problem: The textiles industry lacks means to recycle (mixed) synthetic fibers, resulting in massive amounts of textiles being burned or buried every year. With no alternatives, fossil resources are leveraged to produce virgin synthetic fibers while players require local and affordable renewable resources to meet future regulation.

Solution: re.solution offers a chemical recycling technology based on a hydrolysis process running on renewable energy that is i) robust towards impurities common in textiles, ii) yields high-quality product and iii) establishes a truly-circular solution that also recaptures process additives.

USP: We developed a salt-waste free downstream processing technology for hydrolysis processes. Hydrolysis is a robust depolymerization technology but consumes vast amounts auxiliary chemicals (bases and acids). Due to process-internal recycling of these additives we can produce feedstock that is sustainable and price competitive versus virgin feedstock.

Markets: Chemicals & Plastic, Textiles, Energy, Hydrogen

Founded: 2023
Location: Aachen
Stage: Pre-Seed

Marcel Gausmann