Turning industry waste into oil

Problem: Although massive investments have been made into recycling and reuse of waste, the plastics processing industry still has a large amount of waste that can only be incinerated.  This results in high disposal costs for the customer and continues to generate high CO2 emissions. AES addresses exactly this problem.​

Solution: Our small plants (20ft container) can recycle up to 1,000 kg of waste per day directly at the customer’s site. Through a thermal process, 75 % the waste is converted into an oil. This has a diesel-like character and is then sold to refineries. In this way, new plastics and basic chemicals can be created from the waste of the costumer.

USP: In contrast to conventional disposal in an incineration plant or cement works, the customer incurs hardly any disposal costs. These costs are between 150-400 €/t for the mentioned wastes. In addition, there are proceeds from the sale of oil of up to 850 €/t. This enables the AES plant to achieve an amortization period under 3 years.

Markets: Automobile suppliers, injection molding companies, tape manufacturers, overall plastic processing industries

Founded: 2019
Location: Merzenich
Stage: Seed

Marco Karber