Venture Talks

Listen to stories about science-based entrepreneurship.

Venture Talks is our event-series in which entrepreneurs from chemistry, industrial biotechnology, material sciences and related fields share their unique stories. Our guests talk about what it’s like to turn academic research into products or services, to raise capital from investors and what they believe some of the keys to success are. 

Join us to meet scientists turned entrepreneurs and exchange ideas with like-minded people over a beer or two. And make sure to bring your think-big attitude, because at Venture Talks, it’s all about creating impact.

“Working with Co-Founders and the entrepreneur/investor relationship is more than transactional. In fact, it’s both a lot like a marriage.”

Venture Talk #1 with Frank Kensy and Pelin Yilmaz

Venture Talks – Tour 2022

We’re bringing Venture Talks to your universities.
Stay tuned for updates and final dates.

January 2022: University Muenster
February 2022: RWTH Aachen
March 2022: University Duisburg-Essen
March 2022: University Bochum
April 2022: University Cologne
April 2022: University Paderborn
May 2022: University Duesseldorf
May 2022: University Wuppertal
June 2022: University Bonn

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