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We help you eliminate questions concerning

Building a startup in the chemical industry isn’t easy.
It takes more than just a great idea and a laptop. Industry specific know-how for example. And suitable equipment and infrastructure.

That’s where we come in.
Think of us as your very own startup advisors. Someone you call to discuss your next strategic move. Someone who challenges you. Someone who asks inconvenient questions, so you avoid making mistakes. But also someone who has a lot of empathy and a ton of respect for what you’re doing. Because we know what it’s like to start a company.

Join our six month program to benefit from:

Bi-weekly coaching sessions

Custom-tailored workshops and trainings

Top-tier industry experts and investors

Joint PR

Access to our community

100% free of charge

How does our
startup support work?

chemstars core Team

We run and organize the program and act as mentor, coach and trainer. We are the ones that check-in with you every other week and also ask uncomfortable questions.


You, the startups, are at the core of our program. Everything we do is to help you progress faster and achieve your goals.

Industry Experts and community

These are industry experts from our valued corporate partners as well as people from our broad network who are willing to support you.

How we work

You say hello!




It all starts with you saying hello. Therefore we kindly ask you to fill in our application form and send us a non-con pitch deck of your startup.

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Pitch Day

In a second step, we will invite you to our Pitch Day. Your chance to present yourself in front of our jury and us to win a seat in our support program.

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Our Support Program

After a positive jury decision, we will accept you into the program and our journey together will begin. From now on, we are by your side and you can count on our support!

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After three months, we take the time to look at your startup’s progress from a bird’s eye view. We jointly reflect on achievements, evaluate our collaboration and discuss next steps. After six months, the progress you’ve made ideally allows you to proceed from intensive support into our Alumni community. 



Alumni Community

Becoming an alumni doesn’t mean our journey ends. You’re still very much part of our community. And of course, we still invite you to events and facilitate contacts to suitable people in our network, if we see fit. However, it also means that we’d love for you to give back by becoming an advocate for our activities, by mentoring other startups and through speaker engagements at our events.

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Reach out to us, if you want to know more or apply directly.