Next generation catalysts that enable the green hydrogen economy.

Problem: The hydrogen economy needs high-performance electrocatalysts. Today, these catalysts are made from noble metals. Noble metals are, however, expensive and severely limited in supply. Alloys could substitute noble metals. Traditional catalyst development approaches, however, are unfit for this challenge. The number of experiments required to screen through various elements and combinations thereof quickly exceeds their experimental capacity.

Solution: We use a patent-protected high-throughput process and artificial intelligence to develop the catalysts the hydrogen economy needs. High- performance, made from materials that are abundant on our planet, low-cost and free from social issues.

USP: Compared to traditional approaches, our experimental setup creates 1,000 times more data points per day. This way, we create the world’s largest database for material systems. The larger our database, the faster our R&D process becomes.

Markets: Electrocatalyst R&D, renewables and green energy technology (Beachhead Market), catalyst manufacturing, catalyst coated membranes, energy storage (Growth Market)

Founded: 2023/24
Location: Bochum
Stage: Pre-Seed

Lars Banko, Sven Maihöfer, Olga Krysiak, Sebastian Johnston