A pioneering Direct Air Capture Technology 

Problem: To meet the world’s climate targets humanity needs to remove about 10bn tons of CO2 per year from the air by 2050 (IPCC). Direct Air Capture is an engineered solution to remove legacy CO2 from the air. Today, however, DAC is too expensive and energy intensive.

Solution: Ucaneo develops an electrochemical DAC technology based on an electrodialysis PH swing combined with innovative catalysts and component designs mimicking the human lung. Supported by a very extensive 3rd party feasibility study, Ucaneo’s technology promises to be one of the cheapest DAC technologies worldwide in the upcoming years already at small scale.

USP: By developing one of the cheapest DAC technologies in the world, Ucaneo unlocks a huge market and countless opportunities for business cases built upon CO2 removed from ambient air. The USP of Ucaneo’s products are more scalable standardised container sized units fully flexible to different energy sources, business models and use cases.

Markets: Carbon Credits, CO2 feedstock, Green Chemicals, E-fuels, E-methanol, Beverages, Greenhouses, Green Cement, Hydrogen

Founded: 2022
Location: Berlin
Stage: Pre-Seed

Florian Tiller & Carla Glassl