Creating surfacants for a sustainable future.

Problem: ~17 Mt of surfactants are produced annually, however, around half of them are still sourced purely from fossil fuels. Shockingly, only ~5% are considered fully sustainable. Additionally, sustainable surfactants are majorly sourced from palm kernel- and coconut oil, which need to be imported from Asia.

Solution: Our methodologies are deeply engrained in green chemistry. With our benign by design manufacturing concepts, we can produce novel, high-performance bio-based surfactants, utilizing locally available renewable resource, including waste cooking oil and lignocellulose derived side- & waste streams.

USP: Our surfactants are up to 100% bio-based, import independent, and are active at 1% of the concentration compared to industrial standards. Our building blocks allow for multifunctional products that can render disinfectants, viscosity additives and/or water softeners obsolete in the final product.

Markets: Primary: Home-, laundry- & personal care. ‚ÄčSecondary: agrochemicals, dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals. 

Founded: 2024
Location: Graz
Stage: Pre-Seed

Markus Hochegger