Pioneers in carbon transition

Problem: The production of chemicals from petroleum and natural gas is energy-intensive and generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. Oxylum is addressing the need for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels and offers a way to produce chemicals from CO2 using renewable electricity, which helps reduce the carbon footprint of the chemical industry.

Solution: Oxylum’s electrochemical process converts CO2 into carbon monoxide, formic acid and ethylene. It operates at mild conditions, can be tuned to selective products, allow modular design, and provide opportunities to integrate renewable electricity with CO2 reduction in carbon-intensive manufacturing industries such as the steel making and (petro) chemical industry.

USP: Oxylum pioneers innovative reactor tech for electrochemical CO2 reduction, producing formic acid, CO, and ethylene with stability. By targeting both bulk (ethylene) and niche (formic acid) markets, we can generate higher profit margins in the early stage while still maintaining sufficient future market potential.

Markets: Formic acid, Ethylene, Carbon monoxide

Founded: 2021
Location: Antwerp
Stage: Seed

Bert De Mot

Quinten Van Avondt