Data analysis for sewage treatment plants.

Problem: Complex decisions have to be made in sewage treatment plants in order to adapt the plant to daily changing influences. This often results in overdosing or underdosing of resources. In order to be able to make these decisions, the employees of the sewage treatment plant need a lot of experience and a good database. This database is usually available, but is unused on the servers.

Solution: Our software records the data and evaluates the current system situation for the operator. This data is analyzed and evaluated by machine learning algorithms. The knowledge gained is passed on to the customer in the form of decision-making aids. These recommendations for action lead to more stable system conditions and reduce the use of operating resources. This not only reduces costs for the operator, but also protects resources and the environment.

1. Real-time data analysis.
2. Predicting the behavior of the system, so you can react before the event occurs.
3. The forecasts are based on the individual data set of the respective plant and not on general formulas. This leads to more individual adjustments to the system.

Markets: The more complex the conditions in the sewage treatment plant are, the more exciting our service is for the operator.

Founded: 2022
Location: Cologne
Stage: Seed

Dennis Prauße

Jan-Nicolas Raabe

Andreas Wahlen