Retaining water in peat-free substrates

Problem: The gardening industry is at a crossroads: the imperative to phase out environmentally detrimental peat from products collides with the demand for effective soil mediums. The challenge? Finding a sustainable, efficient replacement without compromising plant health or incurring high costs.

Solution: We are leading the charge with a game-changing solution: harnessing the power of Cyanobacteria for potting soils. Our revolutionary water retention technology not only stands as a superior peat substitute but also slashes fertilization and irrigation expenses by 30%, ensuring sustainability and savings.

USP: We’ve simplified production, allowing us to offer a unique licensing model for clients to initiate their own production. Seamlessly integrated into soil processing, our 100% organic solution not only reduces fertilizer costs but also ensures cost-competitive pricing, setting us apart in the market.

Markets: Go-to market is Germany, but each western European country faces the challenge of substitute peat 

Founded: 2024
Location: Düsseldorf
Stage: Pre-Seed

Lutz Berwanger

Nicolas Schmelling