100 % recyclable packaging with high barrier using plasma technology.

Problem: The plastic packaging industry is forced by EU laws to make all plastic packaging recyclable in 2030. But many products use multi-material packaging to create sufficient product protection. This type of packaging is not recyclable.

Solution: We have developed a coating, which provides the same properties as the multi-material approach. But it is less expensive and fully recyclable. We collaborate with the most significant players in the industry and now want to transfer our technology into production.

USP: Plasma coatings are already in used in different industries. But the coatings on the market have not met the requirements of packaging sensitive products. The main reasons for this were the insufficient chemical resistance of the coatings. We were able to overcome these challenges and have patented the coating as well as the process. 

Markets: Rigid plastic packaging for food, pharma, cosmetics, household chemicals and industrial chemicals.

Founded: 2021
Location: Aachen
Stage: Pre-Seed

Dr. Montgomery Jaritz

Benedikt Heuer