Problem: 20% of global CO2 emissions are produced due to industrial process heat! The industrial heat sector is built tightly around burning cheap fossil fuels! 50% of industrial heat demand is at high temperatures! (above 500°C) Cutting emission of high-temperature heat is yet an unsolved challenge!

Solution: HyperHeat is electrifying industrial processes between 500 and 2,000 degrees Celsius. HyperHeat’s electric heater reaches temperatures up to 2000°C is about 98% efficient, and is cost competitive to the fossil state of the art. We target significant CO2-emitting high-temperature applications in steel, cement, glass, and especially the chemical industry.

Around 500°C hotter than competition
98% efficient use of renewable electricity
Lifetime of 20+years
Retrofit Solution
10x less OPEX

Markets: Steel, Cement, Glass, Non-Ferrous metals, Chemical industry

Founded: 2023
Location: Offenburg
Stage: Pre-Seed

Frederick Lessmann