Catalyzing next-generation electrolyzers and fuel cells

Problem: The hydrogen market needs electrolyzers and fuel cells with high efficiency and even higher lifetime. The SoA does not offer a suitable approach, which hinders the transition to green technologies in many applications. In particular, the decarbonization of the transport sector (e.g. truck, train, ship) needs a disruptive solution for the challenges present. 

Solution: Hydrogenea uses an innovative production method based on the synergy of catalyst support design and galvanic catalyst deposition. In this way, we have a unique product with benefits our customers to strengthen their position in the market and increasing their sales.​

USP: The disruptive approach of Hydrogenea allows the PEM technology a higher competitiveness in the FC and EL market. MEAs from Hydrogenea allow an up to 10x longer lifetime, reducing critical raw materials by up to 90% (full catalyst utilization) and offering high efficiency on operation.

Markets: Electrolyzer and fuel cell stack manufacturers 

Founded: 2023
Location: Gelsenkirchen
Stage: Pre-Seed

Pit Yannick Podleschny

Swen Zerebecki