Next generation easy-to-clean coatings.

Problem: Surfaces are polluted and damaged by many factors such as the weather (rain, ice and UV radiation) and all kinds of dirt (mud while driving a vehicle, bird droppings, food). A long-lasting “as new” look and the physical integrity of the surface can only be ensured through regular cleaning and maintenance which is time-consuming and expensive.

Solution: Our silicone-based easy-to-clean coatings impede that dirt and water adhere to the surface. This protection significantly decreases cleaning and maintenance efforts and costs.

USP: Our patented technology enables us to create defined silicone polymer phases on the surface. These phases are part of the polymer matrix and remain stable for a long service life. Compared to existing silicone-based alternatives, our coating is more stable, scratch-resistant and offers a lasting easy-to-clean effect.

Markets: Floor Coatings, Bicycle Clearcoat, Train Coatings (short- term), Automotive (long-term).

Founded: 2022
Location: Paderborn
Stage: Pre-Seed

Sven Wauschkuhn

Dr. Deniz Dogan

Dr. David Wedegärtner