Enabling a circular textile economy.

Problem: Every year used textiles worth more than €80 billion are incinerated or landfilled. At the same time, raw material and fiber production is steadily increasing, leaving an enormous ecological footprint. Therefore, governments are demanding more sustainability and recycling from fashion brands. But brands do not have the materials to meet this demand.

Solution: eeden enables fashion brands to use circular materials. Our upcycling technology transforms cotton-containing textiles into cellulose, which can be used seamlessly in existing fibre production processes.

USP: Ecological and economic efficiency – compared to the competition, our process handles more used textiles per run. We also keep the majority of chemicals in the cycle and significantly reduce waste streams. These advantages are realized thanks to our patent-pending, modular “out-of-the-box” approach.

Markets: Textiles, fashion.

Founded: 2019
Location: Münster
Stage: Seed

Steffen Gerlach

Reiner Mantsch

Julian Hertrampf