In vitro testing battery for safe chemicals.

Problem: Current procedures for regulatory risk assessment of chemicals and drugs regarding their potential to cause developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) are time-consuming, expensive and ethically controversial due to the use of laboratory animals. Because of species differences, they have limited predictivity for humans.

Solution: The DNTOX system is a human cell-based testing battery, which in its entirety models necessary key processes of human brain development in vitro. It identifies substances disturbing neurodevelopmental processes and causing DNT cost- and time-efficiently, reliably, with higher relevance for humans and without the use of laboratory animals.

USP: The time required to test a substance is decreased from one year to three months. Costs are also reduced significantly from €1.4 million per substance in animal testing. Through years of research, DNTOX has acquired enormous methodological expertise, and also the in-house developed AI-based software makes the method currently unique on the market.

Markets: Chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Founded: 2022
Location: Düsseldorf
Stage: Pre-Seed

Silke Beaucamp

Prof. Ellen Fritsche

Katharina Koch

Kristina Bartmann

Axel Mosig

Arif Dönmez