Enabling autonomous acting supply chains

Problem: Traditional advanced planning & scheduling (APS) methods fail to consider the multitude of variables that can impact a value stream. This leads to suboptimal and inflexible schedules which hinder operational efficiency.

Solution: Our AI and Digital Twin-based Simulation & Optimization enables real-time scheduling and optimization. Our tool is capable of effectively managing uncertainties and risks, responding to unforeseen events in real-time, and delivering optimal solutions that align with real-world demands. 

USP: A complex combination of deep tech that empowers real-time capabilities for complex (and nested) value streams, all while maintaining computational efficiency and user-friendly accessibility. 

Markets: Complex production and/ or logistic value streams or companies with dynamic operations where scheduling and optimization can significantly impact operational efficiency.  

Founded: 2021
Location: Hamburg
Stage: Seed

Alexander Ebbrecht

Steffen Ramm