Let’s Defossilize

Problem: We are still in a linear use of carbon from fossil resources. For the chemical industry, the fossil carbon is not only used as energy source but also for material use to produce our daily products. Reaching the end of life, we then burn the waste, causing CO2 emissions and enrich Carbon in the atmosphere system.

Solution: Cyclize enables a carbon circular economy. Instead of natural gas or coal, we use mixed plastic waste, together with CO2 to produce non-fossil syngas. The infrastructure can stay in place, we only replacing the first production step at the same cost.

USP: The plastic waste can be any plastic that can’t be recycled, so we can close the circular use of plastic, even for the very difficult ones.​The Cyclize process is able to use the energy that is contained in plastic to lower the electrical energy demand, which is three times lower than for electrolysis.​

Markets: Basic chemistry: produce non-fossil syngas​; plastic industry: using non-recyclable plastic waste 

Founded: 2023
Location: Stuttgart
Stage: Seed

Maike Lambarth

Dominik Novakovic