Hightech remedy for industrial pollution.

Problem: Industrial wastewater often contains heavy metals, fluorides and/or cyanides, which need to be removed before reuse or discharge. Often several consecutive process steps are needed to remove the contaminants one by one. Metal complexes, which can form during precipitation, need additional treatment to meet the regulatory requirements.

Solution: We offer environmentally friendly colloidal iron oxides that have a high adsorption capacity towards heavy metals, fluorides & cyanides form wastewater due to flocculation. With this technology, contaminants that are usually removed one by one at different pH values can be tackled all at once, thus simplifying the process and reducing sludge.

USP: We combine the effects of classical flocculation technologies with iron salts, precipitation with lime and or sulfides and other heavy metal fellers in one single step. In addition, our solution tackle compounds that are hard to remove by existing technologies such as metal complexes.

Markets: Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, Groundwater Remediation.

Founded: 2019
Location: Mühlheim/Ruhr
Stage: Pre-Seed

Beate Krok

Sadjad Mohammadian