Platform for alternative raw materials.

Problem: Selling, processing and buying materials from by-product or waste sources is still an offline and intransparent person-to-person business. Thus, industrial by-products are too often costs and too often landfilled instead of processed into valuable input materials, keeping import dependency high, circularity low while circularity could be a source of income.

Solution: One platform for all industries, providing material identification, finding potential industries/companies, creation of supply and value chains through service and processing partners to achieve new, alternative materials matching buyers’ specifications. Platform participants are material sellers, analysis laboratories, processors, logistics companies, and material buyers, gradually creating individual supply chains via AI.

USP: Deep industrial, material and logistics know-how and network by founders as well as AI-prototype to transfer know-how into digital technology.

Markets: Steel and metals, refractory industry, oil & chemicals, cement producers, concrete/construction industry, foundries, glass producers.

Founded: 2019
Location: Düsseldorf
Stage: Seed

Friedrich Fries-Henrich

Claus Pels-Leusden