Sustainable production of wet-strength and water-repellent papers

Problem: Paper products with wet-strength or water repellent properties are hardly recyclable because of their treatment with chemical additives or plastic foil coatings. Thus, millions of trees have to be cut down and valuable fibers are burnt instead of re-fed into the cycle. Moreover, these auxiliaries are made of fossil resources and are not bio-degradable.

Solution: Imagine we could recycle all paper products by harnessing the brilliance of nature. This question inspired us to pioneer a groundbreaking approach to crafting bio-based functional ingredients for cellulose.

Zero harmful chemicals. Zero plastic. Recyclable. Our patented paper coating technology CeraSleeve is exceptionally clean and powerful.

USP: CeraSleeve minimizes waste, maximizes material recovery and conserves resources– all while helping our partners in the paper industry to cut costs and leverage on efficiency improvements.

We make non-recyclable paper products cost efficient, circular and thereby future-proof.

Markets: Paper production and converting industry.

Founded: 2024
Location: Darmstadt
Stage: Pre-Seed

Augustin Coreth

Mathias Stanzel

Nicole Rath