Bioreactor aeration without foaming.

Problem: Despite their importance, bioreactor aeration systems have seen little development in the last 50 years. Current systems suffer from ineffective gas transfer, high shear forces, and foam formation (taking up to 50% of reactor volume). Jointly, these problems lead to strongly reduced process yields.

Solution: We offer two innovative technologies for the aeration of bioreactors. Our highly disruptive (1) Membrane Module enables the world’s first sufficient bubble-free aeration of bioreactors. The (2) BioThrust Sparger is an easy-to-upgrade bubble aeration system with unsurpassed gas transfer.

USP: n pilots with partners, the (1) BioThrust Membrane Module increased the space-time yield by 200-250% while completely avoiding foam and reducing shear forces. The (2) BioThrust Sparger improves the gas transfer by 200-300% compared to current systems while having an even pore size distribution.

Markets: Pharmaceutical & Industrial Biotech Processes (e.g., Vaccines, Drugs, Bacteria, Enzymes, Peptides)

Founded: 2022
Location: Aachen
Stage: Pre-Seed

Patrick Bongartz

Konstantin Kurz

Moritz Meyer

Christian Kneppeck