Building a lighthouse ecosystem for deep-tech entrepreneurship.

In our community, we unite all relevant stakeholder groups and actively promote the emergence and success of local start-ups in the chemical industry, thus contributing our share to making the chemical location NRW fit for the future.

We believe a culture of open doors as well as exchange of ideas, knowledge and contacts helps startups in the chemical industry move faster.

Therefore, we build our activities on a growing and colourful community and connect researchers, scientists and start-up founders with mentors and experts from industry, VCs and business angels as well as representatives from politics.

Problem: Most plastic waste in Germany ends up in the incinerator. The reason for this is that the plastic becomes heavily soiled during collection in the yellow bag and it is hardly worth sorting and cleaning. When plastic is incinerated, however, it can no longer be recycled and is thus lost as valuable raw material.

Solution: Circleback creates the world’s first Pfandsystem for FMCG packaging that guarantees brands access to recyclates and incentivises consumers.

Location: Berlin

Problem: Wastewater contaminated by industries such as metal processing, paint manufacturing or electroplating are currently treated with complicated processes and toxic chemicals.

Solution: ColFerroX offers a paradigm shift in the remediation of contaminated sites and industrial wastewater. Large amounts of contaminants (heavy metals, Cyanide, …) are treated with a small dosage of colloidal (iron oxide) particles. The particles can be injected into subsurface, can be used in separation tanks, and other water treatment facilities.

Location: Essen

Problem: Worldwide, one truckload of textiles is burnt or landfilled every second. This creates an enormous ecological footprint and contributes to the fact that the textile industry is one of the five largest polluters on our planet.

Solution: EEDEN develops a new textile recycling process that extracts cellulose from old cotton textiles and enables a sustainable textile circular economy.

Location: Münster

Problem: Batteries are used in a wide range of applications, and each has unique requirements concerning temperature, charging-cycles and saftey. Yet, existing electrolytes don‘t take these requirements into account.

Solution: E-LYTE Innovations designs and manufactures custom-tailored electrolytes for various different energy storage systems.

Location: Münster

Problem: The current solution of multi-material containers for barrier packaging compromises its recyclability. As a result, large quantities of plastic packaging is lost for re-use.

Solution: IonKraft develops chemically-resistant barrier coatings for diverse applications and packaging without compromising on recyclability.

Location: Aachen

Problem: Environmental and waste disposal pumps have to deal with extremely high levels of wear and tear from solids which results in high standstill times and maintenance costs.

Solution: KD Pumpen offers a pumps with an entirely new concept that offers longer lifetime and increased efficiency.

Location: Balve

Problem: Organic solvents make up a huge part of the waste from the chemical industry. In addition, they can be harmful to health and the environment.

Solution: Solvent-free syntheses of inorganic and organic compounds enabled through collision of grinding balls or shear forces in an extruder.

Location: Bochum

Problem: tbd.

Solution: Highly innovative phosphors and new electronic solutions with light.

Location: Münster

Problem: State-of-the-art catalysts have a low chemical complexity and mainly consist of noble metals which are rare and expensive.

Solution: xemX works with data-driven high-throughput experimentation to discover advanced catalysts for a sustainable energy transition.

Location: Bochum

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