Dr. Paolo Bavaj

Managing Director, Henkel Tech Ventures

Professional Background
Dr. Paolo Bavaj is Head of Henkel Tech Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital arm of Henkel Adhesive Technologies. Investing in and collaborating with advanced materials startups and related digital startups.

He joined the Adhesive Technologies business unit of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA as Corporate Director Strategy and Business Development in December 2010. In April 2013, he became Head of New Business Development, with responsibility for identifying and evaluating innovation opportunities through strategic Foresight Management, Scouting, Start-up Screening, Venturing and Incubation.

He joined Celanese Chemicals in 1996, where he worked in Operations, New Business Development and led then a global R&D and New Business Development team, gained experience as Area Sales Manager in the United States, and ran the Celanese Emulsions Textile and Engineered Fabrics business in Europe as well as their global Glass Fiber business. Paolo holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from RWTH Aachen, Germany.

Paolo’s thoughts about chemstars.nrw
“chemstars.nrw will enable talented minds to found a chemistry-related startup by connecting them and supporting them with a top notch ecosystem with established players in the chemical industry. This will bring new exciting technologies to life.”