Hans-Jürgen Mittelstaedt

Managing Director, Verband der chemischen Industrie e.V. NRW

Professional Background
Lawyer – specialised in public and environmental law (Study of law in Bonn and Freiburg).

Hans-Jürgen’s thoughts about chemstars.nrw
“With chemstars, we want to reduce hurdles for more successful startups in the chemical industry. Together with the diverse players in the startup scene, we hope to make NRW the leading location for startups in the chemical industry and to generate additional innovation momentum through the symbiosis of successful startups with established chemical companies.”

What was your motivation to launch chemstars.nrw?
In a study by our association, we have identified various factors that increase spin-offs in the chemical industry and strengthen their probability of success. With chemstars.nrw we have the opportunity to solve these challenges.

What’s the single most important piece of advice that you can give founders?
Stay focused and don’t get distracted from the essentials.

What’s the one thing founders should always keep in mind?
You should never try to solve everything on your own, but look for suitable partners for areas that are not in your own core competence.

What’s your vision for chemstars.nrw?
North Rhine-Westphalia is becoming the national hotspot for spin-offs and start-ups in the chemical industry and related fields.