Dr. Grzegorz Darlinski

Alliance Manager, Covestro

Professional Background
Electrical engineer by training, networker by passion, since 2012 building up cooperations in innovation ecosystems (printed electronics, wearables, POC diagnostics) and now chemical industry.

Grzegorz’ thoughts about chemstars.nrw
“When we designed chemstars, we wanted to create the perfect addition to the existing offers in North Rhine-Westphalia, focusing on young entrepreneurs in the chemical industry. We have now laid this foundation stone. Thanks to the confidential and competent support of founders, a special ecosystem in North Rhine-Westphalia is enriched with a valuable component.”

What are the values that drive you?
Open innovation and thinking outside the box are key to tackling current and future complex challenges.

What was your motivation to launch chemstars.nrw?
Due to their agility startups are enabling innovation. This can be leading to great new solutions. But startups in chemistry need special nurture. Chemstars is an answer to this.

What’s the single most important piece of advice that you can give founders?
Be smart. Network. Try hard. Don’t be afraid of failure. Simply get up more often than you fall. 

What’s your vision for chemstars?
Becoming the one stop shop for entrepreneurs in chemistry.