We empower scientists and entrepreneurs to build successful chemistry-related ventures.

Our goals: more and better startups in the chemical space.

For Startups

Make real progress, faster.

Benefit from strategic advice, a world-class network of industry experts from the chemical industry and venture capital, and a supportive community.

Together, we will work towards the next big goal for your company. This may be landing a collaboration partner or a customer or getting your startup investor-ready.

100% free-of-charge.

For Scientists and Future Founders

Think about your research from another angle.

You have product or service ideas that are based on your research? Fantastic. At chemstars, we’re excited to hear about your mind-blowing or even crazy ideas and how they will change the world.

Participate in our From Lab to Market Challenge to win 3,000 € in cash prizes and get the opportunity to present in front of high-ranking people from academia, industry, capital market and politics.

If you could take your research out of your lab into the real world, what would would you do?

Backed by industry and politics

chemstars.nrw is an initiative of market-leading companies from the chemical industry and the German chemical industry association North Rhine-Westfalia (VCI NRW) supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy.